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ZHENGZHOU, July 20 (Xinhua) -- The bodies buried at Yinxu, or the Ruins of Yin, one of China's oldest archaeological sites Kolton Miller Raiders Jersey , were captives from ethnic minority groups, rather than slaves, said an archaeologist in central China's Henan province.

The finding may help change the notion that the Shang Dynasty (16-11 cent. BC), China's first recorded dynasty, was a slave society, according to Tang Jigen Giorgio Tavecchio Limited Jersey , head of the Anyang research branch of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Named after the last capital of Shang, which was in Anyang, Henan, the Ruins of Yin were famous for the discovery of oracle bones and script.

Characters on the oracle bones stated that more than 10,000 people were killed and buried with the dead aristocrats as sacrificial offerings. Tang had always wondered about the identities of those people.

""In the burial pits we found the number of skeletons in each one numbered 10, 30 and 50 Connor Cook Limited Jersey ,"" he said. This reminded him of records on the oracle bones.

""In the records of emperors' ancestor worship we always see expressions like '10 Qiang people,' '30 Qiang people' and '50 Qiang people,'""he said. The Qiang were an ancient ethnic minority group in western China.

A bold idea came to Tang: could those buried as sacrificial offerings be from ethnic minority groups?

Through strontium isotope analysis, they found that the newly excavated bones in the Ruins of Yin and those from Qiang settlements were quite similar.

They also unearthed 22 skulls from the tomb passage where the world's heaviest ancient bronze item, the Houmuwu ding, was discovered Shilique Calhoun Limited Jersey , and they found that they belonged to the Qiang people as well.

""In ancient times, the Qiang population was large, and they were neighbors of the Shang empire,"" Tang said. When the Shang grew stronger, it drove the Qiang people further to the northwest.

The Qiang people herded sheep for a living. Tang now thinks that when the Shang people caught sheep, they captured the Qiang herdsmen as well. The sheep were eaten Johnny Townsend Limited Jersey , and the herdsmen were buried as sacrificial offerings, according to Tang.

""The number of the strontium isotope varies from one place to another,"" he said. ""So from it we can see that the captives were killed immediately. Otherwise, if they had worked as slaves for a few years before being killed, the number would have been different.""

Among the 55 ethnic minorities in China today, there is also one called the Qiang in the western pa. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Throwback Jerseys Wholesale College Jerseys From China Soccer Jerseys From China Adidas NHL Jerseys Free Shipping MLB Baseball Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap

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