#1 Porsche Design Watch CHRONOTIMER SERIES 1 FLYBACK 4046901675714 von angrle 17.11.2021 07:53

There was a time when watches like Porsche Design 1919 Globetimer UTC All Black would be at the top of my "buy" list. This is a watch from an interesting brand with a fascinating history and a close connection with a car manufacturer that I personally like very much. It has a stylish and ultra-modern look. I happened to dig a lot. This is also a completely unique rotation of the GMT complication. The deceptive button on the strap does not operate the chronograph at all, but the hour hand jumps forwards and backwards, allowing tired travelers to click instead of loosening, Turn and additional tightening. I have gone through a stage of iron tools and sports watches. I only put it in the rearview mirror now. At its height, a watch like this will check a lot of boxes.

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